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With an exciting array of styles, skills and topics to choose from you may need help deciding what would be best for you. Bjorn is happy to listen then offer some guidance for you to consider.

Whatever your aspirations and goals Bjorn will deliver an excellent and enjoyable learning opportunity for you. You may well find the greatest development of all, is your confidence.

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some topics to choose from

Some of these topics you may already feel confident in and some you may not. Either way, Bjorn will help you to gain an understanding of any topic that drives your personal development.

Conceptual thinking

Where do ideas and concepts come from, how do I plan a shoot?



A better understanding of exposure, will enable you a greater confidence in tackling those tricky situations


Camera craft

The craft of combining camera techniques with a clever use of optics and angles for optimum results.



Acknowledged as a leader in his field, Bjorn can teach available and flash lighting  applications to an advanced level.


Post production

The technical craft of heightening the artistic ambiance through skilful editing.



Not to be underestimated, a higher knowledge and skill in posing will serve you every day, as well as gain new business.



A fascinating and rewarding subject. Let me take you through composition from basic to advanced then to its practical application for image success.


Colour your Art

Interactive learning with a practical basis is the fastest and most enjoyable method to add colour expertise to your resource.

Feminine Edge

Women have an exceptional aptitude to become excellent photographers.

What differs their aptitude to males. Once identified, can it be learned?


Artistic Aptitude

Am I artistic enough, if not, how do I gain an Artistic Aptitude?


Psychology of Photography

A great insight, it spans such divisions of photography and humans interaction with images.


The Art of Seeing

Everyone looks but not everyone sees. Linked to The Psychology of Photography, most find this an immensely rewarding subject.


Technical Aptitude

What if I'm not technical enough, or perhaps I'm too technical?


Interpersonal skills

Looking at manner, body language and dialog.


Black and White

The most emotive media, B&W is a huge but ‘must learn’ subject. Bjorn’s knowledge and passion of B&W is undoubted.


Three Dimensions

A practical learning journey through 3D will enable your images that elusive depth and realism so appreciated by judges and the viewing public alike.

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